The Ocean

  • Posted on: 9 September 2015
  • By: jared

What’s so great about the ocean. It’s constant. No mater what you do, waves will still build, crest, crash on the beach, and repeat. The same can be said for the forest, desert, and mountain top. But as I’m from California we’ll go back to the ocean analogy. You can interact with it, jump into it. You can even taste the salt in the air, and feel the moisture. For the less adventurous you can sit and admire it or even close you eyes and listen.

Nothing you do will ever change that. It’s a constant and that is comforting. Like the 50 to 80 beats in Baroque music, nature provides a sensual platform ripe for breading insightful revelation through meditation.

Life can be a hurricane of events. A dizzying fury of constantly changing events crashing into each other as you try to create order and make sense of it all. Such chaos can be fun for a time. You can also become lost.

So we have the ocean, or insert whatever your favorite piece of nature might be. Maybe it’s just the sky. Complete indifferent and nonjudgmental. It doesn’t care what you’ve said or done, if your rich or poor. No matter what happens the ocean will still be there. And there is comfort in that constant.