A series of digital paintings. Time spent on them range from an one to maybe six hours or so. I'm not worried about anything really other than experimenting with a style, image, or some other concept. It's just timed fun in between paying the bills and taking care of the family.

Girl in Hoodie. I don't recall her name. I think is a someone from my neighborhood. Click to view the ugly process of this one.

I love painting white. Rather, I love painting all the other colors that exist on white surfaces.

I a fun with this one. I'm becoming a but more comfortable with digital brush textures.

I'll call this a quick sketch. I enjoyed working on the dress. Lots of the brush marks should be smoothed out.

A cowgirl painting. My mom owned a bunch of horse when she was grew up in L.A. I watch The Longest Ride. It's a Nicholas Sparks film his typical predictable plot. It was still fun to watch. I was inspired to paint a bull rider but it just didn't work out.

An hour painting of Aaron "Awol" Bruno from Awolnation.

A one hour painting over a sketch I'd done earlier.

A one hour paining trying to focus on simplified hair and skin tones.

Here I wanted to go crazy on some hair and an intense color.

I like the pose and the texture of her dress. I may have spent about 3 hours working on this.

This was fun to add lots of textures and explore color combinations and patterns.

A quick underwater painting so see how hard it would be to deal with how the light acts under water. Turns out it can be quite hard if you get too caught up in. Simplifying everything is your friend

I liked this pose and just struggled with skin values.

Who couldn't pass on painting a blown up planet after watching Oblivion. Just had to get it out of my system and had fun doing it.

I enjoyed just focusing on value and loved this form.

I pretty sure this was a photo of a celebrity.

Love painting clothing but it hard to do it without including a face.

A bit of shading over a sketch.

Finally ready to ad people back into the mix using a limited pallet.

Here I was focusing on clothing rather than the person.

This second attempt I used a bit more dramatic pose.

I wanted to experiment with painting clothing in motion I thinking what would it look like if the Invisible Man, or woman, ran around wearing clothes.