• Posted on: 11 June 2015
  • By: jared

They have energy spewing from them. Passionate people I mean. Nine or Ninety they find the energy to push beyond the point most people abandon an idea. Passionate people over come adversity on a constant basis. And that is interesting. I've found they have at least two of these three basic elements.

If I love what I do I'll find the time or the money for my passions. Love will also help me overcome the roadblocks I encounter which separate the casual hobbyist from the passionate.

This relates to time. It may be 30 minutes every day or 12 hours a day every day. A single collage graduate with a great job might have the time and financial freedom to take lot of time off of work to dedicate towards his passions. If you're like me, married with three young kids, I can't exactly ignore them for two weeks to complete a painting, go sailing around New Zealand, or sequester myself in Hamptons for the summer while I write the next great American novel. What I can do is plan, read, and prepare a little each day so I can be effective with the little time I can dedicate towards my passions.

Don't think for one second that you need the best tools or equipment. They can help, but if an artist can't do something with a #2 pencil and piece of printer paper, there is no sense spending $10,000 on fancy digital painting equipment. Money will come to passionate people. Why? We love to see people succeed. Which leads me to why I love being around passionate people.

We love to be involved with passionate people. Have you ever listen to someone passionate about an instrument describe what it’s like to play? In an almost trans like state, forgetting the world around them they hopelessly express the emotions they experience while playing. Somewhere in there are years of struggle, sacrifice, pleasure, and pain. Passion becomes contagious and that is why the money will come to the passionate. I’ve had other donate money and time towards my passions, and I’ve donated towards other people’s passions. My passion becomes theirs and their passions become mine.

So for the sake of your life, and lives of those around you;

Find Your Passion
Live Your Passion
Share Your Passion